Our Selection Strategies for Airline Jobs

Selection for airline jobs is a prime focus at IGI Aviation for its trainees which is certainly a must to attain for the incessant growth of the company.
We were a batch of 20 candidates and all of us got selected in AISATS. It is been more than 1.5 years and we all are happily working at the Airport.

IGI Aviation is connected with the presumed associations which include Airlines, Ground Handling Companies, Retail Outlet and Lounges at Delhi International Airport. A big pool of competitors is required to be chosen amid the grounds of enrolment at IGI Aviation.

A series of selection and assessment strategies are utilized to recruit candidates for various positions whose employment descriptions, capabilities, and competency necessities are defined. These incorporate personality tests, general ability tests, and competency-based meetings.

At the point when large quantities of individuals are to be employed, group dynamics methods are likewise utilized. Candidates who have effectively gone through all the stages are welcome to begin work after completion of Job Oriented Training at IGI Aviation in which a candidate is also provided with complete information of the duties which they need to perform amid their work.

Aside from employment learning a candidate is additionally prepared for other occupation-related aptitudes like powerful communication, a client taking care of abilities, and grooming to keep up the administration standard of the business.

Although particular qualifications will vary according to the job being selected for, the basic requirement for all positions is that candidates should be no less than 18 years old and have no unfulfilled military commitments.


  • Age: 18 to 30 years
  • Minimum qualifications: 10+2 or above
  • Good Communication Skills & Pleasing Disposition.
  • The selection will be done based on a Written Test & personal round of interviews.

Note: Candidates holding a valid passport & customer service experience will be given preference.

Airline Jobs

Selecting candidates for airline jobs involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure that individuals are well-suited for their roles. Also, perform thorough background checks to ensure candidates have a clean record. Additionally, conducting behavioral interviews helps assess a candidate’s past behavior in various situations, providing insights into how they might perform in the future. It’s essential to tailor the selection process to the unique requirements of each role. while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Lastly, for more information visit the services page and igi airport jobs¬†articles.

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