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Georgia has big traditions in aviation industry. Strong aviation is a prerequisite Country’s strength and development. Since its foundation our university has trained lots of pilots and aviation specialists. Most of them are employed at aviation sectors.

University has strong material-technical base, comfortable training laboratories, Telavi Airport, which is well equipped for flight training, airplanes Cessna 152, Piper senca, Boieng737-200, FNPT II MCC flight simulators, which are relevant to EASA standards, International Aviation Training Center, student dormitories in Tbilisi and Telavi City.

University has experienced staff and professors. Georgian Aviation University is a partner organization under Erasmus Mundus project ACTIVE. According to this project University’s students can participate in exchange programs with the Universities of European countries. Students from foreign countries also come to study here. It is very important, that graduates successfully work at various companies and most of them work on leading positions. They work in airports, air companies, military forces and at many other structures.
University priorities are high quality education and employment of graduates.
Wish you successful student years our future colleagues.

Become a Pilot


(Bachelor degree)

Faculty of flight training offers educational program, which gives graduates an employment opportunities as in georgia abroad.

Flight trainings are held at airfield of city of Telavi along with experienced flight instructors.

International applicants must present following documents to apply:

  • Copy of passport
  • Certificate of school graduation
  • Class A medical certificate (issued by authorized medical clinic)


Georgian Aviation University is a partner of Erasmus Mundus project ACTIVE and project Erasmus+. According to these projects University students can participate in exchange programs in the Universities of European countries.

Erasmus Mundus project ACTIVE Partner Universities are:

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