IGI Aviation Services Private Limited was established in 2008. The core business of the company is to provide training and manpower services in the aviation sector and at present, the company is catering 22 clients for passenger handling, customer and cargo services at Delhi IGI airport. The company is associated with International and Domestic airlines, ground handling companies, VIP lounges, Cargo companies, Retail outlets and much more at Delhi airport. It has a competitive edge in the industry with its state-of-the-art methodologies, infrastructure facilities, and world-class certified IATA – trainers with a team of some of the most exceedingly experienced workforces in the aviation world. Our operational centers strategically positioned globally and our interest in cutting-edge innovation. Our service delivery standard is exemplary since the company was established.

IGI aviation services have created a platform for worthy candidates to obtain the path of career opportunities in the aviation sector. With an increasing level of competition that comes from all parts of the country, our company imparts valuable knowledge and refine skills to our candidates. As a result, our candidate’s performances deliver up to the mark of the client’s expectations.

The aspiration of the company is to remain pragmatic in its approach to provide services in order to have a long-term positive impact. This will nurture the company to continue to assist its client with the changing requirement of the airport. The candidates are accordingly groomed to enable them to give a fulfilling contribution to the industry. Hence, the purpose of the company has risen to become an inevitable connection as it yields rapid yet quality deliverance to both the customer and clients.

The prime importance of our company is the satisfaction of our customers and clients. A beneficial relationship is ensured by the company’s efficient services and our agility empowers us to give a gratifying result and pioneer change. The vigorous stability of the company makes it a desirable platform for effective illustrative of corporate experience, learning, and training.

Capt. R S Dutta


I wish to thank you for showing interest in IGI Aviation Services, New Delhi. We have successfully provided quality services in the Aviation industry for the past 9 years and over 5000 candidates have been trained in terms of skills & quality required and placed in the Aviation sector.

It has been a great esteem for me, representing the company all these years especially due to the fact that it has been capable of maintaining its focus to establish positive catalytic impulses to every candidate who joins us to stretch his competency. Essentially, giving the company a satisfactory result that fulfills the core mission of the company’s intended services.

Thus, every job requires and expect a certain standard of quality in their employees – be it planning, organizing, communicating effectively, facing challenges confidently, the company have been able to bestow and enhance these qualities in the candidates.

Therefore, it is an honor and privilege to be a part of IGI Aviation Services that has delivered excellent services all these years and wish to continue to do so for many more years to come.