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The pioneer of IGI aviation services holds the vision and knowledge that gratifies the goals of the company. Their leadership is executed to ensure smooth functioning of every level of the organizational structure to have an effective and efficient result. Every batch of candidates is evaluated by them first-hand to understand their capacity as well as their shortcomings. Accordingly, much is improvised and improved in the candidate’s performances during the training period.

It is a privilege to be guided by highly skilled and professional sector of the company who acquires a specialized background in aviation services, hospitality, and travel industries. Their years of experience and exposers in places like reputed international and domestic airlines, have made them irreplaceable and are the main reason for most candidates to choose this company to launch their career in aviation services.

The integrity of the pioneers is admirable that also framed the foundation of the company which also added to the reason behind the company’s outstanding reputation. This also enables them to execute excellent work of piloting the new candidates seeking inspiration and such desirable character later reflects in the candidate’s performances that accomplish the company’s goals as well.

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